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Come and watch a Safari girl struggling hard to escape a muddy jungle. A helpless Schoolgirl is desperately stuck in mud. Two female soldiers are on a night mission when they get lost in a creepy swamp. Now the hunters become the hunted and they are on deadly grounds … What happened to the lovely real estate lady submerging in deep clay? And even Superheroines are in peril here! They try to survive a terrible quicksand trap … Join the dangerous adventures of these beautiful women! Do they get out of trouble? Is anybody coming to rescue them? Will they survive?


We have gone deep in the woods for you in search of the best mud holes. In hot, humid climate we fought with beastly insects (and girls). And we have twisted our minds to come up with some good stories. In the end we fully exhausted our possibilities in every way … Now, we hope you enjoy our efforts. Sit back and relax!


We film our movies with quality video- and sound equipment for your entertainment on high level. After purchasing you can download the high definition movies immediately from our fast download server. Load the videos to your computer and watch them whenever you want. No wait, no lines, no hooks … just direct struggle and submerging deep in action …!  🙂 Enjoy!


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