Running into trouble


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Bikini girl Xena Kai is the hottest damsel in distress !!!

Xena Kai is working out hard. Today running and swimming is on her list. The cute Asian girl decides to go for a run in the nearby forest. After a few minutes of running she isn’t so sure anymore where she is. “Hmmm, which way should I go?” she ask herself. She must have chosen the wrong path and suddenly is lost in the forest.

While looking around to find the way out of this labyrinth, Xena-Kai isn’t watching her steps. Suddenly she starts to sink in a peat moss pit she hasn’t seen. “Ahhhhhh! What is this? Crap, I should have been looking where I was going and now I am stuck!… I can’t barely move :-(” she says waist deep captured in this peat moss trap.

Xena Kai tries a bit harder now but and realizes “The more I move the further down I go” 🙂 Well there is no other chance for this damsel in distress to get out without trying harder so this won’t make her to slow down. The deeper Xena Kai is sinking in the mud the more desperate she gets. “Somebody please hep me!” but no one hears her screaming in this forest.

When she is about cheest deep she starts to panic! Because of all the fighting, she is breathing hard “Arrrrghhhh, it’s so frustrating !!!”. “Ok, just calm down and push myself out!” she says and gives her best to finally get out of this mud trap. But she is still stuck, not getting out, just sinking down further. “I am so tired now” … “Is there anyone out there? I am stuck here so please anyone, HELP ME !!!” Xena Kai shouts with her cute and helpless voice. She tries to pull herself out of the mud, but her fingers are not strong enough to find any traction at the side of the mud pit “This is impossible. No one is here to help me.”

After a hard fight she is really able to get a bit more out of this mud. But all the stuggling takes her strength away. She is so exhausted now that the mud feels like glue….. Will Xena Kai be able to get out of the sticky mud trap?

Note: This video is one of my personal favorites. Xena Kai in a Bikini struggling hard to get out of a peat moss pit.
It can’t get better than this 🙂

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12:00 Minutes