Running into Trouble 2


SKU: QSG-0014.

Runner girl gets stuck in mud !!!

Keli loves to run! Today she tries a new route through the forest. Everything looks like a perfect day for her until she comes to a point where she isn’t so sure about where she is. “Hmmm, I can’t remember, it looks like this is the shortcut ?!?” she says while leaving the gravel road onto a smaller path. But after a while the attractive red headed woman is lost in the forest.

She is so concentrated to find her way home, that Keli doesn’t pay much attention on the ground. Suddenly she starts sinking into a deep clay pit. “Oh no this is just my luck” she complains. At this point she is waist deep into the heavy mud. What a mess!

Keli doesn’t notice that her efforts to get out of this mud trap don’t help her. The more she fights to get out the deeper she is sinking into the clay pit. “How am I ever get out of here?” the now chest deep sunk Keli says. She is struggling a lot to move her body a bit in this heavy mud. But no matter what she tries, she is totally stuck!!! 🙂

“Ahhh, I can’t even move” Keli says with a desperate voice. “Is anyone there? I am stuck in the mud and need help!!! Anyone? Please!!! I can’t get out!!!” she screams in panic. But she doesn’t get an answer, she is alone in this muddy part of the forest.

She is very exhausted and heavy breathing at this time, this wasn’t the workout she was expecting for her run today. Will she ever get out or will she be stuck forever?

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11:00 Minutes