Dirty Schoolgirl


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Dirty Schoolgirl

“I really don’t wanna go to school today!” declares Keli, already dressed in her school uniform. “What can I do to skip?” she asks herself in her cute voice. This morning she dressed like usual in her sexy short red school skirt and the white top with matching white socks and high-heels. But she just don’t feel to go to this awful school. The teachers haven been pretty horrible lately and she hates going there. So, instead of taking her usual route to the school bus stop this morning, she just went the opposite way – out into the woods. Just somewhere. Far away would be best. So, that no-one can find her or bring her back to school.

Now she found this promising looking weird mud hole – in the middle of nowhere. She is looking at it, deep in thought … “This looks pretty fun! They won’t let me in at school if I am all dirty!!!” – Well, that’s definitely a way to do it! Go for it, girl! 🙂

Keli just wants to get a little bit dirty. So, she tries to grab some mud with her hands and rubs it over her arms and legs. So, she comes a bit closer to the mud hole. Just one more step. But “UH, OH!” That might have been a bit too much!” – because she just directly sank down into the mud up to her thighs. “But this actually feels kinda good …” she finds out. Keli is surprised and intrigued. But while she moves around a bit, she finds out, she is already kind of stuck in this mud hole. “I don’t know if I will ever get out! Well, I might have also some fun while I am in here, right?!” she laughs again. Today everything is way better than going to school. And Keli wants to be a naughty schoolgirl today!

But she really can’t move in the mud with her shoes which are always stuck in there. So, she is trying to take them off. “So, that I can enjoy myself better!” Now, to really have some fun, she even moves deeper now into the mud. And she really enjoys it! “The mud feels so good!!!”

After a while playing in the mud really gets exhausting. Keli starts breathing faster. This is really a workout! And she wonders, how she will ever get out of here … Well, now she starts trying. And it’s actually a problem. “OH NO” she says. “Maybe that wasn’t such a good idea!” She is trying hard now to get out and breathing even faster. She slightly panics by now. And the more she struggles, the deeper the mud is sucking her in. Keli starts crying a bit. “I will never skip school again. I promise! Just get me out of here, please!” But Keli is now really stuck in the mud!!! …

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 15:15 Minutes