Running into Trouble 3


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Woman get stuck in very deep mud !!!

One of the reasons why Raven is looking so good is her workout discipline. No matter how busy she is, traveling through the country to do all kind of promotion jobs, somehow she has to make sure to stay in shape. And if the hotel doesn’t offer a nice gym there is always the possibility to go running. Especially today since the weather is nice and there is a nearby forest close to her motel.

After a while Raven runs into some orientation problems and concentrates more about the way out of the forest then where she steps on. Suddenly she starts sinking knee-deep in a mud puddle. “Oh this isn’t good” Raven says. First she tries not to move too quickly in the hope she won’t sink deeper, but this strategy seems to work only in TV on Discovery Channel — not in real life. Therefore Raven gets a bit nervous. She is now hip deep in the cold mud hole.

She tries hard to push herself out with her arms but this quicksand like mud keeps sucking her down. “Oh no! I am really stuck :-(” the blonde Raven says. She still tries to keep calm and not to panic. But at the point she is already chest deep stuck in the mud she gets very nervous about the whole situation. This desperate woman is struggling hard but the mud hole is sucking her down deeper and deeper!!!

Will Raven make it out and this will just become her most efficient workout or will she be stuck there forever???

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7:15 Minutes