The Biology Project


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Halloween Special — Women in quicksand horror story

Nikki and Xena Kai meet in the forest to work on their project for biology class. Even if it’s in the middle of the night the aspiring Xena Kai pushes Nikki to get this work done. An “A” is something she wants so badly. So equipped with a night view camera, short skirts and flashlights the girls try to film a short documentation about the nocturnal animals in North America in this wonderful warm October night.

Well, they loved to develop this idea in the classroom at school and in bright daylight, but then Xena Kai and Nikki never thought about how scary it is to be alone in the forest at night. Especially this night – It’s Halloween! Nikki is scared by every noise she hears “Tell me you don’t hear that” she says. But Xena Kai ignores her “I wana go home”. “Come on, we just need two more minutes! We are almost done” Xena says while walking deeper into the forest with her video camera. Nikki gets more and more scared now “This is the perfect place to kill somebody!” but Xena Kai tries to allay her fears: “I told you, all we need to do is to find an animal, record it for a few minutes at night. That’s it!”. Nikki is still scared, but she keeps following her friend deeper and deeper into the bushes.

Suddenly Nikki says: “Did you hear this? Something was behind us!!! There is something”. This time even the brave Xena Kai starts to get scared a bit. So she agrees with Nikki to get back to the car and forget about her school project. “So what’s the way back?” Xena Kai asks. “What? I thought you know where we are” totally shocked Nikki answers. The more the girls find out how lost they are, the more they get the feeling that they are not alone this night in the forest. They feel that hidden in the dark shade of the night a stranger is following them. “This is too much for me” Nikki screams…. she starts to run. “Nikki, wait, wait” Xena Kai says while trying to catch up with her. “No No” Xena says, while Nikki suddenly steps into something. Nikki is down to her hips, but she keeps sinking deeper and deeper.

Xena Kai tries directly to pull Nikki out but she isn’t strong enough to help her friend “It’s impossible to get you out! I think this is quicksand” the know-it-all schoolgirl explains. This is nothing Nikki really wants to hear in this situation “It’s not quicksand, I am f***ing stuck !!! :-(“. Xena tries again, but Nikki is trapped so bad in this mud trap. Now chest deep in the concrete like mud, Nikki is really scared to death. And this mood infects also the normally smart and cool Xena Kai now. “Put the camera away and help me” Nikki begs. So her girlfriend puts the camera into the grass beside the mud trap to help her friend better now. But the harder Xena Kai tries, the more panic gets Nikki.

“Don’t pull so hard, I am gonna fall in too” Xena says, but Nikki is totally panic-fueled now, so she doesn’t listen anymore. In her panic she starts to pull Xena also a bit into the mud. Not much, but the more Xena tries to pull Nikki out, the deeper she ends into this mud trap. After a while Xena isn’t able to get out of the mud too. Both girls are desperate stuck at midnight during the Halloween night 🙂 ….. Will they be able to get out of this mud trap and survive their biology project ???

Note: This is one of the best videos we ever have filmed. So grab you popcorn and enjoy !!! This is a must watch for the Halloween night 😉 Have Fun !!!

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15:20 Minutes