Seductive Flower 2


SKU: QSG-0012.

Woman stuck in Mud so bad

Raven walks through this beautiful forest and enjoys the day. Looking around she finds this gorgeous flower. “Oh, how pretty!” she says. Totally fascinated she wants to have a closer look and steps forward. Suddenly she starts to sink. Raven has no idea what’s going on. She doesn’t know that just the surface of the ground in front of the flower is dried by the sun. But under the surface it is like heavy gluey peat moss. A really dangerous trap for anybody who is walking through this remote forest!!!

Good for her that the sinking stops, when she is knee deep in the peat moss trap. So Raven tries to rescue herself out of the mud. But always when she manages to lift one leg a little bit higher, the other leg gets stuck deeper in mud. Poor Raven, she doesn’t understand that this makes her desperate situation even worse and she keeps struggling.

No matter how hard she tries, now she is in real trouble. Waist deep in the mud, Raven screams for help…. but nobody comes to rescue her. “Oh no my legs! They are both stuck” she says desperately while struggling in this peat moss trap. She is stuck in mud so badly !!!

The harder Raven tries escape, the deeper she goes. The struggle also drains all her energy. Raven is completely exhausted and totally stuck in the mud now. This isn’t fun… at least not for her 🙂 Enjoy !!!

Note: The mud was really heavy and like concrete. We had the option to add more water to make it more liquid, but I loved the look of the location like it was. The dry surface with the hidden mud trap under it was just way too perfect to add water to it. Sure this makes sinking deeper than above waist deep impossible (that’s how deep the video goes), but I decided to make it as challenging as possible for Raven to get out without help. This poor girl had a really hard workout there 🙂

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9:30 Minutes