Raven in Wonderland


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Raven in Wonderland

It is a warm sunny afternoon. Everything is peaceful. Bees are humming and strays of sunlight breaks through the leaves of the old trees and on the soft green moss. Raven sits in the shade of one of these old trees and reads a book. The warmth and the peace makes her sleepy and she eventually dozes off …. After a while she is sure, she spies a white rabbit with a pocket watch between the bushes. Fascinated by the sight, she follows the white rabbit …

… and the adventure begins … while chasing behind the white rabbit, Raven stumbles into some peat moss and get stuck (sinking to chest-deep level)…

Note: Not often it happens that a model is begging us to do her own “Quicksandgirls version” of her favorite book, because she found the matching outfit at Freds mud studio. Raven had so much fun to do this that we couldn’t say no to her wish. So enjoy this short clip! 

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 10:00 Minutes