The Diamond Thief


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The Diamond Thief

Keli, the famous high-heeled diamond thief is chased by the police. She left her car and is now running through a thick forest to hide from the police helicopter. Damn, she has to get rid of her loot. She knows a perfect place where to hide the diamonds, a deep mud hole in this forest. Even the police dogs won’t find the diamonds in there. Keli’s idea is to come back and search for the diamonds, but now she has to get rid of them. Even if the cops will catch her, without the loot they can’t put her in jail, because Keli was smart enough not to leave any evidence at the crime scene.

So the redhead thief throws the small bag filled with the stolen diamonds into the mud. But to her surprise the bag is still floating on top of the mud. Damn, this way the police will directly find them! But what can she do now? There is no other chance for her than to step into the mud to push the jewelry bag deep under in the mud to hide it.

But even at the edge the mud is deeper than Keli thought. She starts sinking in it … “Oh no, I can hear them coming for me !!!” she screams while hearing the police dogs bark. She has to make it deeper into the mud puddle to be able to reach the diamond bag. In her panic for the police she forgets all the danger, full of adrenalin Keli tries everything to hide the bag. When she finally reaches it and holds it above her head, the redhead burglar sinks deeper and deeper into the mud. This is definitely not her plan, even if this is perfect for hiding from the police helicopter. Keli is in big trouble now. Will she ever get out of this mud trap? Will she get rescued, but arrested by the police …?

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7:00 Minutes