Battle of Boggy Forest


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Female Soldiers Stuck in Mud:
Battle of Boggy Forest

Since weeks the fights on the strategic important Mud Island™ are going on. Due to the heavy rain during the last days the progress on the frontline literally got stuck in the mud. Light and fast operating troops are the only option now. These circumstances are the same for both sides, therefore the Generals decide to use this situation to their advantage; ordering a sunset surprise attack at the Boggy Forest by sending out a brigade of their special forces behind the enemy’s line — The airborne paratroopers from the legendary and highly decorated “Heelsangels”.

While in general this operation looks very successful, the paratroopers 1st Lieutenant Raven and Master Sergeant Keli get in big trouble. Due to the strong winds they were pushed away from their brigade and landed in the trees nearby the enemy troops. Luckily they didn’t get injured but they were clearly visible to the enemies when they landed in the trees. They have to hurry now! They had to leave their equipment in the trees to rescue themselves fast from this dangerous situation and run into the thick Jungle of the Boggy Forest. The chase has begun!!!

After a while these two extremely fit elite soldiers are able to increase the distance to their slower hunters in this dark night. Suddenly Lieutenant Raven has to find out first hand why this place is named the “Boggy Forest” when she immediately sinks chest deep in some thick mud. Quickly Sergeant Keli grabs her hand to pull her out, but the slippery wet ground makes her slide into this dangerous mud trap, too.

Both women try to escape this mud hole directly, but the more they move, the deeper they sink in this quicksand like clay.
“Damn, we have to get out of here! I can hear them coming” Keli whispers when she hears the hunters dogs barking in the jungle. These two female soldiers in distress have to find a way out there soon.

“I am sinking further” the desperate Lieutenant Raven says. Keli immediately tries to help her by pushing her out of the mud, but therefore she sinks deeper into the heavy and glue like mud. “I am sinking fast, again” the scared Keli says. “I am not letting you here alone, we have to get out! We can do this!” Lieutenant Raven forcefully answers, but the trapped Keli replies “I can’t. I am too stuck. I am sinking deeper and I can hear them coming”….

Will these desperate troopers get out of the mud, or will they get captured by the enemies?

9:30 Minutes

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