Car Breakdown


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Blonde Business lady submerges in mud !!!

Coming from a business trip in the middle of nowhere, Ravens car suddenly breaks down. Oh No! After trying to figure out, what’s wrong (and she has no clue), she calls roadside assistance. BUT here is no cell phone reception! Poor Raven !!! “I don’t know what’s wrong with it” she says frustrated after another quick look under the hood of her car. And she is not familiar with the deserted area she is right now. There are only a few houses spread out. But maybe she can find one of these houses or at least get a better reception, so Raven decides to walk through the thick forest. This is the only chance she has!

While walking Raven keeps looking at her cell phone display to see if she has service. But when she suddenly starts to sink waist deep in the mud, she realizes that this wasn’t a smart idea. “Oh no!” she screams frustrated. “First the car, then the phone, now my shoes and clothes” … Raven isn’t in a good mood anymore. What a bad day she thinks, without knowing that it will be even worse.

“Uhhh, I don’t like this! I need to get out of here” she says while struggling harder. Raven doesn’t realize that the harder she fights, the worse her situation gets. So she keeps fighting hard, but the mud hole is sucking her more and more down. Now chest deep in this heavy and glue like mud, she is completely stuck!

“Somebody ??? Hello !!!” she screams with her desperate voice, but she doesn’t get any answer. Now she knows she is in real danger. Raven is stuck so bad and deep in the clay and she is more and more exhausted. But all her screaming and praying for help doesn’t work. Nobody else is here. “I can’t get out of here, I am not gonna get out of here” helpless and close to tears Raven whispers. Poor girl!

Though she gets more and more tired now, she knows she can’t give up. This isn’t fun, this is a question of life or death now. Therefore Raven tries to use all her energy for a last attempt. And again her efforts doesn’t help her “Oh no, I am sinking !!!” this desperate stuck women says with a whiny-voice.

Slowly but steady she is sinking deeper and deeper in the mud. First shoulder deep, than up to her chin. You can see the panic in her eyes! She now tries to avoid struggling, in the hope to float in the mud. But it is too late now !!!

Raven submerges in the mud….. Will she survive and make it out of this horrible situation? Watch the video to find out 🙂

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9:30 Minutes